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Sell My House Online for Free, Curtis Realty! “Buy This House” Program for Our Buyers


Buy This House

Buy a house.
We’ll sell yours for free.

Selling your home online can be a stressful process. On top of that, any real estate transactions can quickly become expensive. That’s especially true when you factor in fees for both the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent.

At Curtis Realty Group, we’re here to make it more affordable and easier to sell your house online.

Sell My House Online for Free, Curtis Realty! “Buy This House” Program for Our Buyers

How to Sell Your House for Free Online with Curtis Realty Group

To reduce the costs of selling your house online, we have a special deal for those who both buy and sell with one of our real estate agents. When you buy a house from us, we will sell your house online for free. That’s right, we won’t charge you a listing commission or the other relevant fees.

Sell Your House for Free and Save Money for Your Real Estate Attorney and Other Expenses

Make the most of those savings you get from using our local agent to reach potential buyers for free. They will free up room in your budget to handle the other costs associated with buying a property.

Or put those savings toward your new-home budget. You will find yourself with even more options to buy a home online as our discount broker saves you money on the listing and agent commissions.

Our Real Estate Agent Makes Your Real Estate Transaction Simple

Selling real estate online with us isn’t just free; it’s also easy and hassle-free. Our real estate agent handles as much of the process as we legally can and walks you through the portions you have to do.

Whether you are looking to sell your house or buy a home online, we always make the process as stress-free as possible.

Sell My House Online for Free, Curtis Realty!

What to Expect When You Sell Your House with Us

When you sell your house with our real estate agency, you can trust us to handle everything. We will take professional photos of your home, handling staging it for those photos and for open houses. We will show your home to potential buyers online and in person.

Our industry connections and knowledge mean we know where to list your home online to schedule showings. We’ll also use strategic yard signs to attract local buyers with the goal of finding a cash buyer.

Throughout the entire process, we will ensure we list your home for a fair selling price. We even have a guaranteed offer program. This ensures that we’ll sell your home within 63 days, finding the best offer for you. Even in real estate, that qualifies as selling your house quickly, letting you move on with your life. Best of all, our experience helps us get top dollar for your property, regardless of home value.

Sell My House Online for Free “Buy This House” Program for Our Buyers

Contact Us to Sell Your House for Free

Ready to take advantage of our deal to sell your house for free, without listing agent fees? Just reach out to us. Our team is a contact form or phone call away and ready to help you sell online. Our real estate agent will connect you with people ready to purchase homes, including cash buyers.

At the same time, we’ll help you find your next property, only showing you options that fit your preferences and budget. Throughout the entire process, we’ll negotiate offers and guide you through the legally binding paperwork, ensuring your entire transaction is hassle-free.