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Curtis Realty Group

Special Programs


Sold For Free

Buy a house in our program.
And pay no listing commission.


Buy This House

Buy a house.
We’ll sell yours for free.


Guaranteed Offer

We will sell your house
within 63 days.


Public Servant Program

Are you a firefighter? Are you a teacher? Healthcare worker? Military? Law enforcement? EMS? Clergy?

Then you qualify for our public servant program!

  • Get a FREE Home Warranty
  • Get a FREE Appraisal
  • Save potentially THOUSANDS with this discount!


VIP Home Buyer Program

You are a VIP every step of the way with us!


First Time Home Buyer Program

Get a FREE home warranty & a FREE appraisal!


Instant Offer Program

Sell your home with our Instant Offer program & skip the hassle of fixing your home, setting up showings & avoid months of uncertainty.

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