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How to Make Sure You Get a Guaranteed Offer on Your House


Guaranteed Offer

We will sell your house
within 63 days.

A guaranteed offer program is when a company provides a homeowner with a fixed cash offer for their house within a short period. This type of initiative provides an alternative to repairing, painting, and putting homes on the open market for standard home-selling.

A guaranteed offer program usually lets homeowners submit property information through an online form, get an instant offer, and arrange an inspection, all within 24 to 72 hours. A final offer is made after the inspection. The closing date is often chosen by the homeowner if they accept the offer.

Let’s dive into how you can benefit from a guaranteed offer program.

What does “guaranteed” mean in real estate?

In real estate, a guaranteed offer implies that the buyer will purchase the property at the agreed-upon price, regardless of any external factors, such as a drop in the market.  

However, before jumping into a guaranteed offer program with a local agent, you must read the fine print and review the terms and conditions. For example, a guaranteed offer might only be available for properties within a specific range of market value.

Some guaranteed offer programs also exclude homes located in flood zones, cities that require rigorous municipal inspections, and so on.

How to Make Sure You Get a Guaranteed Offer on Your House

What is a guaranteed move?

With a guaranteed move program, sellers don’t have to worry about the house they’ve put on the market. The property can be considered sold as soon as the seller puts it up for sale. 

A guaranteed move is when a real estate company buys the property at a specific price and a given date if the property doesn’t sell right away. This way, sellers can purchase their new home with complete confidence that they’ll have the money for it.

Make Sure You Get a Guaranteed Offer on Your House

Now, how do you guarantee a house for sale?

To guarantee a house for sale means including a clause in the contract. The clause stipulates that if the property does not sell within a specific time, the company will pay the seller the agreed-upon price in their deal. Work this out with a realtor or real estate agent that offers the program — don’t forget to review the terms and conditions of your contract.

Work with Trusted Real Estate Agents

If you’re looking to sell your existing real estate property for whatever reason, it is advisable to work with reliable real estate agents in your local area. 

Knowing that someone well aware of your area is handling your home sale, from open houses to last-minute showings to the final offer, will give you peace of mind. They will also only connect you with potential buyers serious about closing a deal. 

Our real estate agents are considered as the best in the state by previous clients and homeowners. We’re a guaranteed offer company that strives to secure every guaranteed sale at optimal market value. You can count on us to sell your house in 63 days. Contact us for more information about our guaranteed offer program.